SadBoy Salt Nic Ejuice 30 Ml

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SadBoy  Salt Nic Ejuice features some pretty delicious flavors for sale. There is Key Lime Cookie, Strawberry Jam Cookie, Butter Cookie, Blueberry Jam Cookie, and Shamrock Cookie, which tastes like a mint cookie milkshake. There is also Pumpkin Cookie, Custard Cookie, Key Like Cookie, and Unicorn Tears with a sweet and fruity mystery flavor. If you’re in the mood for a cookie without calories, you’re in the right place. Buy yours here now!

Sadboy Salt Nic Ejuice Flavors:

  • Sadboy Blue Jam Cookie 30ml Nic Salt Juice is a beautiful blend of luscious blueberry jam and buttery cookie that combines into a delightful vaping experience. If you’ve never considered blueberry jam together with cookies then prepare to be dazzled as this mixture is a can’t miss. This nic salt is a tremendous dessert vape with a unique jam twist.
  • Butter Cookie 30ml Nic Salt Juice is one of Sadboy’s most popular flavors, and it’s easy to see why; the combination of a soft lemon cookie with melty butter makes for a fantastic nic salt flavor.
  • Sadboy Key Lime Cookie 30ml Nic Salt Juice takes all the deliciousness of a soft buttery cookie and combines it with the creamy, tart flavor of key lime in order to create the perfect nic salt. If you love Sadboy’s Butter Cookie flavor but want a sharp little twist then Key Lime Cookie 30ml Nic Salt Juice is a perfect fit for you. Pair Key Lime Cookie 30ml Nic Salt Juice with one of our astounding pod mods to get the best experience possible.
  • Unicorn Tears  Juice is for those looking to discover a mystery, with sweet and fruity flavors this nic salt is an adventure from start to finish. If you love the sugary taste of fruit and want a little mystery in your life then Sadboy Unicorn Tears  Salt Juice is the perfect juice for you.
  • Custard Cookie by Sadboy E-Liquid Salt Nic takes a warm chewy cookie and tops it with a dollop of sweet but creamy custard for an incredibly smooth eJuice vaping experience that will leave the mouth salivating.

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Custard Cookie, Blue Jam Cookie, Key Lime Cookie, Unicorn Tears, Butter Cookie

Nicotine Strength:

28 MG, 48 MG


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